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Art Team Building

Our Team Building Events are designed to enhance creative thinking and teamwork. The hands-on experience is suitable for everyone and for any type of event including breaking the ice with a new team, invigorating an existing group, improving communication and collaboration, client appreciation, fundraising events, a break out activity in a conference, and office holiday party. 


Free Consultation


Our initial 30-minute free consultation is designed to help us understand your business needs. With a clear purpose in mind, we set to work and create your customized event designed to help you achieve your specific goals. 

Art activities for your customized program:

Warming Up!


The activities included in our "Warming Up and Energizing" program are short and dynamic. Designed to keep your team relaxed and engaged during long conferences, annual meetings, trade shows, etc.  

Paint and Sip


Following the traditional style of paint and sip, during this fun event, our teachers take everyone from a blank canvas to a completed masterpiece. This choice enhances team bonding and delivers a great creative experience for all participants. 

Collaborative Art Creation


This event leads the team to collaborate in the creation of a wonderful art piece, increasing teamwork and communication. The project for this event is your choice of a freestyle or a planned collaborative artwork. Either one delivers a great team experience. 

During the event


Regardless of your activity of choice, our friendly instructors, who are artists and trained entertainers, guide participants using a step-by-step, fun an easy method that is suitable for all ages and art creation levels. The result is always a beautiful piece of art and a great team bonding experience for the group. 

Artwork Exhibition


All activities lead to the creation of unique artworks created by your group during an unforgettable experience. Many of our clients choose to keep the artwork in their halls as a testament of the collaborative power and creativity of their team. We can assist in setting up the correct display for your artwork (s) as a final touch to your event.  

Ongoing Team Building Program


 We also offer a customizable monthly program with creative monthly activities. The program creates continuity and supports your ongoing efforts to build a collaborative and creative team.  

Don't let the fun end there!


A team building event is a great experience and as a way to celebrate your team's collaboration and creativity, we can print the image/ design created by the team onto merchandise such as mugs, mouse-mats etc.  

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